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  • Dark relikt 4
    by The BOSS on September 27, 2011 at 12:49 PM
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    A testament to the durability of the Onimaru masks. We got blasted by almost 60 players throughout the day. Kyro ( lighter armored guard ) had the Onimaru mask. a perfect piece of safety - style design and durability - with an umnatched comfort on the inside. Thanks Dave for your great creations.

  • Operation Represaille chapter 2
    by The BOSS on July 10, 2011 at 8:07 PM
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    This is a fictional ( not real ) teaser trailer for the airsoft game of my friends - THE SHTYK NOZH. it is describing fictional events in a fictional world - the Island Aruyo similarities with living or dead people or entities or companies are not intended and only coincidential. this is a non profit movie for my dear friends.

    ENJOY THE SHOW and come to that game on the 16th of July on the field of the shtyk nozh visit http://frappe-preventive.xooit.fr/index.php

    thanks to our sponsors Restaurant - bar La Tapageur - for letting us film there - this is the favourite A.N.V. Hang out and best food - and service in Sherbrooke QC.

    The Owner is one cool dude and the employees are superb friendly. www.bartapageur.com - 819-823 5444 on 83 rue King Ouest - Sherbrooke

    La quartier Maitre Army shop Sherbrooke (819-780-2121) Thanks for your freebies - excellent low prices help and friendship

    Onimaru airsoft masks - the best masks on the market - we tortured it a lot and she is still in one piece - thanks for your friendship and parts Dave. http://www.onimarushop.com

    Alarmetechnofeu - thanks for all your tools - acting and help Pierre - you are my Brother here in Quebec professional high end alarm and security systems for your business and home. covering Quebec and Montreal and the Estrie. And a very special thanks to my actors and friends My dear and beautiful wife Barbie - acting as Maria Francisco NOVA Cool dog killerbee Diesel ordure Slike Californiamerge Raven Ryback (QAST) Drake ( QAST) Appache Boadach Kyro and the little Samuel

  • EL CARTEL 2 - Trailer
    by The BOSS on June 4, 2011 at 10:37 PM
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    this movie is dedicated to my dear friend BROKENBIRD and his airsoft game series " EL CARTEL" - we did this for you because we love you dude and we love what you are doing. pay attention - the film will explain partially the game content. personal note: I still shot your Nephew in the knee - nobody threatens Boss. Special thanks to our actors / stuntmen - women BARBIE NOVA Mrs. Deadpool ( 2nd camera woman) Deadpool cool dog ordure killerbee FOX_111 GATE You guys are awesome and great patient talents. This movie was sponsored in parts by ONIMARU Airsoftmasks ( the toughest and best looking masks I came across - go see - you wont be disappointed - I personally recommend these masks !!! because I wear them myself and ALARME TECHNO FEU - thanks Pierre for all your help and support and your tools and knowledge in bringing a new side to airsoft. Disclaimer: The actions and content displayed is fictional only and not part of any reality. Similarities with living or deceased personas or entities is truly coincidential and unwanted. Music score: The displayed music scores are utilized with non profit intensions. the copyright and benefits are truly the rights of the talented composers. I used extracts from TRON the legacy soundtrack from Daft Punk. Extracts from the soundtrack of my favourite video game Deadspace composed by Mr. Jason Graves. The song - Part 5the sun's gone dim and the sky went dark from Johann Johannson and the incredible music from the soundtrack of the game medal of honor which I bought and fell in Love with it - composed by Mr. Ramin Djawadi. No copyright infraction intended - I extracted these tracks from games and movie soundtracks I bought righfully and the honor goes to the original composers. GO BUY THOSE GAMES AND SOUNDTRACKS - the best.

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